An Evergreen Front Yard Design

This is a well thought out front yard landscape. As well as being almost completely evergreen, the design is very pleasant and well placed. Taller plants on corners help to soften the corners while foundation shrubs aren't so tall that they will cover up the views of the windows.

While this front yard is almost completely evergreen plants, a landscape with all season interest doesn't necessarily have to have all evergreen plants. A simple framework of evergreen shrubs and trees placed throughout the landscaping will leave some color and balance even after all the other flowering plants have died back. Of course, as you can see, green, with it's many different shades and textures can be a design tool all by itself.

As far as the design, as with most front yards, it is created mostly with plants. The necessary elements such as access, walkways, and driveways are created and the rest of the landscaping and planting ideas are created around them. Compared to front yard idea 21, this design offers a lot more character within the same style of home.