Formal Mass Planting Schemes

Formal Mass Planting Schemes

Mass planting ideas for flower beds in front yard designs

While this isn't your basic residential front yard landscaping, it is a great example of a few of the principles of design such as balance, repetition, simplicity, symety, and mass planting. I felt it would be a good addition here and especially for those who may be looking for ideas for circular driveways.

This design and the mass planting really is a better example of perfect balance and repetition of planting. Eveything down to the trees have been duplicated on either side of the dividing line. And the dividing line has been placed direct center of the building. Again, for a circular driveway, designing like this with plants can take a lot of the headache out of coming up with a design.

Thought and consideration has been given to the plants for the bedding plants. The center display row is planted with varieties that are taller than the outside plants. The varieties being of a neutral color, they will generally fit with most mass planting schemes including those in formal gardens like this without a lot of thought about matching plants and color theory.