Front Yard Designs On A Budget

This is a good example of a typical mass produced cookie cutter low budget front yard design that you would find in a new housing development. A nice sidewalk border, a few trees for height and accent, a few planting beds around the home, and a nice island planter to break up the lawn.

Generally, these basic designs add some nice quick curb appeal to help sell the home. They are designed and created to be inexpensive and stay within a designated budget and so the plants are most always planted small to save money. They just take a little longer to mature and grow in. Doing it yourself, a design like this would cost very minimal.

There are a lot of ways to create curb appeal on a budget and not have to settle for a less than classy landscape. Planting some if not all of your plants in smaller versions is often a good one as plants will usually fill in quite quickly. Read more about it at choosing the right plants.