A Tropical Paver Driveway

A Tropical Paver Driveway

Ideas for tropical landscape designs with paver driveways

As I always point out, the types of landscaping plants you use is one of the major influences in the atmosphere, look, and feel of your landscape or garden design. In order to complete the Mediterranean atmosphere of this home and property, tropical looking Mediterranean plants are used to surround the driveway. Change the type of plants to any major degree and you can change the entire feel of the home, driveway, and property.

The placement of these two palm trees helps create a sense of boundary, separation, and enclosure for the driveway and parking compound.

What I really want to point out in this design is the paver driveway and what it does for the entire yard. Can you imagine this done in plain gray concrete? Besides stained and stamped concrete, concrete pavers would be my only choice for creating a design like this. Plain gray concrete is out.

Between the two, concrete pavers is the longest lasting and possibly the most do it yourself friendly element for this project. While I would suggest a professional for both types of a project this size, pavers doesn't require so much scecialized tools and knowledge and so would be more of a possibility for a do it yourself project.

Pavers also generally keep their beauty longer since you can replace cracked bricks or entire areas of brick without having to tear out too much area. Concrete, on the other hand, will eventually crack and over time will usually require professional attention. So as well as being long lasting, this tropical design and paver driveway really accents this Mediterranean home very well.