Avoid Narrow Lawn Strips If Possible

Avoid Narrow Lawn Strips If Possible

Lawn planting ideas for how to landscape for thin areas of lawn grass

Thin narrow strips of lawn like the one in the front of this yard are generally very difficult to water without waste due to overspray. While many sprinkler manufactures make special heads for areas like this, they're still almost impossible to adjust for minimal waste.

So with our natural resources becoming scarce, it's best to be environmentally conscious and avoid odd shaped narrow lawn areas.

While we have taken a lot of these little lawn strips out, we've yet to add any grass to an area like this. Generally, we replace the area with some type of hardscape materials such as concrete or ground cover rock. And depending on the home, property and your needs, this could be anything from stamped concrete to gravel to a circular drive to even planting beds.