Discover How Easy It Is To Stamp Concrete

Discover How Easy It Is To Stamp Concrete

Techniques and methods of how to stamp concrete like the professionals do.

As stamping concrete becomes more popular and in demand, it is also becomeing more accessible to the home owners and do it yourselfers. Many rental and do it yourself centers are seeing that concrete stamp rentals are worth the investment of many different types of stamps. Renting and selling the materials and then showing folks how to do it themselves is a win win for both sides.

NOTE: While this information is about how to do it yourself, stamping and decorative concrete is NOT generally considered a typical do it yourself project. If you need assistance, find a local concrete contractor here.

A little more detailed and labor intense than staining concrete, stamped projects often also incorporate staining as well. While it may be the perfect look in some patios, walkways, and driveways, plain gray concrete doesn't come close to some of the amazing looks of stamped stained projects. So you may also want to refer back to how to stain concrete for a refresher on staining.

Techniques, Ideas, and Methods

As you'll see in the following information, most methods involved in stamping concrete are universal. However, every contractor has their own techniques and methods that they've either created or discovered by experience. So as you read the following how to information, make notes of the special techniques and explanations that each contractor uses. These small tips could help you stamp better as well as add an edge to your concrete that other do it yourselfers can't generally get.

Stamping Step By Step

More How To Stamp Concrete

More Step By Step Techniques

Stamped Concrete Videos

Some of the videos in this playlist are simply ideas and pictures of some really beautiful designs. While some of these have some good instructions on how to do these projects yourself, the links above have better details on concrete and directions for stamping.

While a lot of the techniques in the videos use colored hardeners as the coloring agent, integral colors that are mixed into the concrete can often be easier to use and produce better results for the home owner and do it yourselfer. Both have their advantages and so deserve a little research.