Mediterranean Front Yard Planting Tips

Mediterranean Front Yard Planting Tips

This view of the finished front yard is from the street looking toward the home and far right of the yard. It shows some of the plants used to create a Mediterranean atmosphere. As with all garden and landscaping styles, other than style of home and decor, the planting choices create a lot of the atmosphere. While not specifically Mediterranean, the Feather Reed Grass in the front for interest and height along with the neutral of the the Russian Olive in the background, we have a good framework for the rest of the planting ideas in the landscape.

Along with color, plants can add contrast in texture as a design element to the landscape. Many of my favorite Mediterranean gardens use a lot of contrasting textures as well as different shades of the same color for transition and background. While the landscape is very simple and repetitive in its planting ideas, the different textures add a lot of subtle interest and contrast.

Visible Plants Used In This Design Plan

Our choice of plants here is a mix between what I know will work in my area and a few new discoveries.

  • The tree is a Russian Olive
  • Ornamental Grass is Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass
  • Pink Verbena
  • The green mounds are Rosemary
  • The light gray is Lambs Ear. As I said before, we won't be planting any more of this because it is so invasive and gets very large in our area.

Help Choosing The Right Plants

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