Mediterranean Front Yard Border Planting

Mediterranean Front Yard Border Planting

This Picture shows this Mediterranean Front Yard and border beds from a whole different angle. From here you can get a feel for the shape of the front yard and the walkway. You can also see the different colors and textures used.

  • Tree - Russian Olive
  • Ornamental Grass - Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass
  • Pink Verbena
  • The green mounds are Rosemary
  • The light gray is Lambs Ear. As I said before, we won't be planting any more of this because it is so invasive and gets very large in our area.
  • Purple is Blue Salvia
  • Cactus is Agave Americana

In all the pictures of this landscape you'll notice the simplicity and repetition of the plant selection. I can't say too much about the principle of simplicity. It just makes things easier and is much more appealing.

There's nothing complicated about this design. If you look at the main design picture, the lawn area may look a little complicated. However, if you'll notice, the shape of the lawn was created by creating a bed that followed the boundaries of the front yard.

Also, splitting the lawn area with the walkway gives this landscape a whole new dimension. In this case, we created the walkway through the lawn. In other instances where the sidewalk already exists, you can simply create your border beds and edges to flow "through" the walkway. This will help create unity on both sides of the yard.

The lawn here is a Hybrid Bermuda sod.