Native Flagstone Path For Xeriscaping

Native Flagstone Path For Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping designs and ideas using native rock and flagstone to create paths and walkways

This picture gives you a good view of the flagstone path that goes around the xeriscape backyard. Again, this element is also created from natural native materials. It's nothing more than flat native rocks laid over a crusher fines bed with pea gravel in the cracks. It's very stable, permanent, won't crack, and it fits well with the design.

As you can see, all elements combined give this plan its southwest feel. The home itself is an earth tone adobe color and fits well with the neutral colors of the natural elements.

The plants along the edge of the home are Blue Flax. Blue Flax is another water wise plant that does well in xeriscaping plans. It blooms all summer and the sky blue flowers have a wonderful contrast with the brown walls of the home.

Most backyards that we create don't have as many hardscape materials as this one. However, this backyard design with this native flagstone path is created more to be viewed than used. The clients have no children and do very little entertaining.