Landscaping With Decorative Rock

Landscaping With Decorative Rock

Creative tips and ideas for adding Winter interest and curb appeal with decorative landscape rock

This is a great example of using decorative rock of different colors and textures in a landscape design to create winter interest and curb appeal without actually using any plants. Without any plants, trees, and shrubs, the texture, shape, and color of the rocks are all the dominant aspects of creating Winter interest and curb appeal in this circular driveway design.

And while this alone creates a very interesting landscape design, we also added the element of a second level for interest in height.

At the far end you can see a small retaining wall only 8 inches high. Still, this is enough to create a second level. In small gardens, a second or even third level can help give the illusion of even more space. Find out more about illusions and small spaces at small gardens.

As you can see from the placement of the decorative rock, this landscape will still be somewhat interesting in Winter.