Small Front Yard Flagstone Patio

Small Front Yard Flagstone Patio

Creative and unique ideas for front yard designs with patios

This small front yard flagstone patio sitting area is the main focal point of this entire circular driveway design. Even with all the different textures, designs, and colors of rock, it is an area that adds interest and draws the eye to it.

Generally, patios are incorporated into backyards rather than front yards or driveway designs. However, that is really a matter of personality and choice. Some folks just like to sit in the front yard and watch the world go by rather than secluding themselves in privacy.

We've added yet another interesting element here with the flagstone patio and sitting area. Along with height and a new texture, we've also given this small area garden an active usable functionality. Once the small trees and plants are added to the design, there will be some shade and added comfort as well.

On either side of this area we've also added landscape lighting. We've also installed an up light on the bush behind the bench.

Lighting helps give this small front yard patio area an indirect "glow" of illumination for the long Winter and Fall evenings. This allows a more comfortable still secluded feeling when sitting out front at night.