Simple Budget Front Yard Designs

Simple Budget Front Yard Designs

This design was created for a client who wanted to separate his front yard from his neighbors' and do it for less than $2000.00. AND do it quick so he could sell the house. While it's not a trophy or anything to brag about, it was a simple job and did accomplish the clients wish within his budget. And since I had the design in my files, I thought I would throw it in here as it may be something someone could use.

I don't necessarily like being rushed on a landscape design. It's difficult to be creative when there is such a hurry. And of course, our designs speak for themselves and being in the front yard, it would be visible as our work. However, being the slow time of year, we took on the job, finished it in plenty of time, and made sure it looked good for the world to see. And actually, as simple as it was and with little expectation from the client, we really couldn't go wrong as far as customer satisfaction. The main point of this design was shape, separation from the neighbors yard, simplicity, and budget.

As you can see, the planting scheme is very simple and uses repeated groups of three of the same plants throughout the entire landscape. This just creates a balanced pattern that looks like intentional design. We used Coreopsis and Blue Salvia for summer color and Dwarf Nandina and Mock Orange for winter color. Check out Choosing the right landscape plants for some more tips on planting and plant choices.

We used the least expensive ground cover landscaping rock so as to stay within the budget of the client. However, we still used the best professional quality landscape fabric under the ground cover. We never cut corners of our budget on this step. There is a difference in quality of fabrics. And whether you're a do it yourselfer or a professional, it will save you work and repairs in the long run.