Italian Landscaping

Italian Landscaping

This Italian yard design is quite large with a lot of different rooms, areas, and elements. We'll be able to show you a lot about the Italian landscaping style through several different projects, design techniques, and ideas from this plan and the construction project.

The main designs and progress pictures of the front yard, backyard, courtyard, and waterfall can be seen by clicking each of the images below.

Plants Used In Italian Gardens And Landscapes

As with all landscaping and garden styles, the Italain design style gets a lot of its atmosphere from the type of plants used. In a broad reference, and because of the many different climates of Italy, there is a large list of plants that are common in and associated with Italian gardens. However, because of the many different geographic locations and climates where this style of garden is re-created, this list can be adaptive.

For instance, because this yard is actually created in the Desert Southwest of The United States, we had to adapt to our region. And so in many regions, you'll often find the basic common plants but also many adapted to the region.

You may also want to see Italian garden and landscaping plants for more details about the kinds of plant types that are common in most gardens and landscape designs in that region.

Best Materials For Creating An Italian Atmosphere

Starting with the flooring which is a major element in creating atmosphere in all gardens and landscape design, there is a huge selection of flooring materials that will help create the atmosphere of Italy or tuscany.

All landscapes and gardens are dependant on flooring to create patios, courtyards, paths, and walkways. And the type of flooring you choose to use can create an atmosphere anywhere from a weathered old world feel to a refined modern appeal. Paving materials are available in almost any color, shape, and style that will allow you to create almost any atmosphere from the ground up including the Italian landscape design style. Along with that, there is also decorative concrete and tile that is a world of possibilities as well.