Rustic Front Yard Planting Beds

Rustic Front Yard Planting Beds

Concrete curbing and planting ideas for the front yard of a rustic old home

Simple landscaping ideas like these can be very inspirational. These pictures of this particular simple rustic design are included to show you how beautiful and easy it is to use a lot of free space.

These planters were very easy to envision and create out of concrete. They are simply created to contain the trees and could be any shape. Just keeping it simple can be a good reference point to go back to if you run into trouble creating a design plan for planters in your patio, front yard, or backyard.

This home and yard had absolutely no landscaping when we started. It is a beautiful restored rustic home but had a trashed out front and back yard with no usable existing lawn or landscape. While there may have been planting beds way back when, there were none to speak of when we started.

The planter border ideas were easy to come up with. And as I stated before, they are made from concrete that is intentionally meant to look old and rustic to match the style of home. This picture shows how the bed border creates unity on both sides of the sidewalk by making the borders meet up on the same line and flow together as if through the sidewalk.

Designs like these rustic planters and bed borders don't need to be complicated or fancy to be beautiful. They just need to be a clean and simple extension of your home.