Rustic Front Yard Plan

Rustic Front Yard Plan

A very large lawn, trees, and planting ideas for an old rustic home

Fully mature trees and plants and a completely perfect lawn make this rustic front yard landscape appear as if it's been established for years. Along with the aged concrete curbs we mentioned earlier, most folks couldn't tell that it is a newly created yard.

Of course, the main element that you see in this old rustic style front yard is the grass lawn. There's plenty of it. However, what I really wanted to point out in this design is the beauty of how clean and truly simple it is. Of course, this is a matter of opinion and whether or not you're partial to large lawns.

Plant selection can be one of the most frustrating steps of landscaping your home. Just try keeping it simple at first and you may have a little less trouble. Simple mass plantings, plant groups, and tall mature species help make this rustic style yard seem well established and can make almost any landscape visually complete.