A California Backyard Design Idea

A California Backyard Design Idea

This spacious backyard design submitted by Manuel Silva & Associates of Temecula, California has a lot of style and elements that make it an inviting get away where most anybody would find themselves spending all their time. The landscaping being built built for relaxing, entertaining, and privacy, it is truly a backyard paradise.

As with all landscape design, this spacious yard gets its atmosphere from the elements and plants used. And with the added elements of an outdoor kitchen, fountain, and patio, it is designed to be used.

In such a large space, creating different rooms, their thoughtful placement, use of space, and shape is very important for interest as well as keeping the backyard from seeming expansive and empty. A sense of flow from one area to another needs to be intentionally planned and created.

Lawn areas are generally a practical way of using up large areas of space as well as being a good way of helping keep the area cool. The shape of the lawn which is often one of the most visible design features is also quite often a result of the shape and placement of the other elements. In this case, the patio design, outdoor kitchen, and walls help to create a very unique lawn shape.

While the geographic location dictates to a large extent the type of plants that can be used, there is still a large variety of plants that could be used in several different design styles and ideas. From Mediterranean, to southwest, to tropical, to many other types, the landscaping could reflect many different atmospheres. The style of home, on the other hand, generally demands a specific style and planting ideas that will go with it. Based on that, this California backyard paradise and design style could very well be created just about anywhere. Wherever you may be, it would simply mean creating a planting scheme that works with your climate and geographic location.