Patio Design & Decorating Ideas

Every patio example here will provide an inspiration for either some type of decor placement, outdoor furniture, flooring, paving materials, planting layout or other specifics. You may find something you can use in just one example or maybe combine several different design ideas from several different layouts.

While this directory is fairly focused at backyard patios, you might also look through the courtyards directory. The courtyard designs directory is a lot like this one except the gardens and living space are more enclosed. It was actually a bit difficult to decide which designs belong in which directory.

The directory of garden decor will give you some more thoughts for decorating, outdoor furniture choices, wall decor, plant containers, using Wicker, Teak, Rattan, outdoor kitchens, and barbeques.

Because a lot of these areas are often a smaller part of a larger landscape, some principles of small gardens and landscapes might apply and be useful. For some details on the specifics of design for small gardens, patios, and courtyards, see small gardens. With all of this information, you can find information to help you plan, design, decorate and create appealing planting schemes.

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