Simple Details Make The Design

In patio design as well as all landscape and garden design, the details and finishing touches can make a huge difference in the finished design as well as keeping your patio budget within range. Simple details like cushion styles on seating, a table top, or paver pattern can make a huge difference in the overall appearance for minimal cost.

While this patio is not what I would call a budget project, I'm using it to show how all the small details can combine to create the overall design. The choice of pavers, the paver pattern, the table style and design, type of chairs, and even materials used for the retaining wall all combine for the finished project. I can't stress enough that you need to have a complete garden plan with all details laid out before you even begin. Even if you plan to do it in stages and over time, a complete design plan will keep the finished project from looking like it has just been thrown together.