Swimming Pool Landscaping

Swimming Pool Landscaping

While privacy is an issue for landscaping around your swimming pool it's generally not an issue that's addressed as an individual project. As you'll see in most of these pictures, most swimming pools are located in backyards and are part of larger backyard designs. And generally, the privacy issue is focused on the entire backyard area and not just the pool. However, there are instances where the landscaping and hardscape need to be manipulated to create privacy.

All pools should have a locked fence plan designed around them. I don't know about your area but around here it's law. And regardless, it's just good safety that can protect the lives of children, pets, and others. While a fence may be necessary for safety, a solid wood or brick fence may not be your first choice for directly landscaping around your swimming pools. Areas that are too closely fenced can tend to be like ovens. It's nice to have a breeze.

If a close in fence is required around your pool, it may be best to create your privacy with plants and create your fence from wrought iron or open pickets. Your garden plan could include a variety of taller shrubs, small ornamental trees, and still allow enough airflow to be comfortable.

As I stated before, the plants should be of a broadleaf evergreen or semi-evergreen nature. These work best for landscaping ideas around pools as they drop fewer leaves. And this not only creates less mess but also provides shelter and privacy in all seasons.

NOTE: This gallery is a supplement to our original gallery of pool landscaping ideas at Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas. In a way it's much better than this gallery as it has more residential applications and detail.

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