Pictures Of Swimming Pool Landscape Design

Pictures Of Swimming Pool Landscape Design

Once again, this gallery of swimming pool pictures is a supplement to the original gallery located at Swimming Pool planting Ideas. While this gallery has a lot of good ideas, the original gallery shows more landscaping, landscape qualities, residential applications, and detail. I encourage you to visit that page as well.

There are also a few good examples of my own poolscaping ideas in The Free Ideas and Plans Gallery. Actually one of the designs is of a pool that I filled with dirt and created a sunken patio out of it. It's a very interesting design idea but not something I do a lot of. It and all the other landscape and garden designs in that gallery are followed by explainations on how the designs were created. More below...

As you try to create a concept for your swimming pool and surrounding landscaping, you may want to consider some of the accents that will help tie it to the surrounding landscape. Deck plans are often necessary around pools to create usable space for gathering and sunbathing. Above ground pools are most times especially in need of a deck.

Also keep in mind your walking and access areas. Some type of walkway or garden path will generally be necessary to get to and from the swimming pool without getting your feet dirty. As your envisioning all these steps try and picture how they will tie into all the backyard designs. Think ahead. look through these pictures. Make a plan. Even if you don't landscape the entire surrounding area right away, a completed garden plan will help keep you from ending up with an afterthought patchwork design.