Southwest Style Yard Designs

The Desert Southwest design style is catching on in a real big way. And not just in Arizona, New Mexico, and other arid desert regions...

The Desert Southwest design style is catching on in a real big way. And not just in Arizona, New Mexico, and other arid desert regions. You can see at least hints of it in the landscaping ideas, gardens, yards, and homes in many other parts of the country as well.

As the popularity of Santa Fe and Southwest style architecture increases along with an interest in Xeriscaping and desert landscaping methods, so will fresh new yard and garden designs that reflect the style.

The types of materials, color combinations, and architecture of homes is obvious and shares a lot of the same characteristics as Mediterranean style of homes. And while the types of plants and hardscape materials common in southwest yards and gardens are perfect for these design styles, they actually work well with and transition easily with many other garden styles. The simplicity, hardscape, southwest plants, etc. adapt well with many different home styles and themes.

The sites that made it into this directory are to some of the best and most creative Southwest landscaping ideas from Santa Fe, Arizona, and desert style design firms and sites. There is a lot of real good stuff here to get ideas and inspiration for your own yard.

Professional Plans And Tips


Southwest Style Gardening
Some beautiful designs and a great use of plants.

The Yard Man Pictures
A nice collection of outdoor kitchens, patios, landscapes, and planting ideas.

Southwest Landscaping Ideas
Lots of pictures and ideas for design plans. Some unique and creative desert southwest landscapes.

Arizona Desert Design Style
Some really unique designs with lots of hardscape, flooring, and water features.

Arizona Landscape Design Portfolio
Some really nice slide shows of different design styles as well as Southwest yards.

More Ideas

Phoenix Arizona Yards And Landscapes
Lots of Southwest landscaping pictures. Pools, patios, waterfeatures, and low water use designs.

Scottsdale Arizona Designs
Lots of stone work, outdoor kitchens, xeriscaping, and high profile front yards and backyards.

Arizona Landscaper
A few very beautiful patios, entryways, gardens, and courtyards.

Anozira Landscape
Interesting name but they have some really great Southwest yard designs.

Xeriscape Portfolio
A few picture of xeriscaping and xeriscape planting ideas that I like.

Arizona Contractor Designer
A good size collection of Desert Southwest landscaping ideas.

Southwest Plants

Plants Of The Southwestern U.S. Desert Region
A fairly extensive list of plants with pictures of the Southwest, Arizona, and New Mexico areas.

Chihuahuan Desert Plants
Lots of good information with pictures alphabetically categorized.