Landscaping Plants For Swimming Pool Landscape Design

Landscaping Plants For Swimming Pool Landscape Design

Planting Around Swimming Pool Landscape Design Ideas

As more people search for plant ideas and landscape designs for around their swimming pools, we've added more directories and pages to the site that cover plants, planting ideas, and design quite well. We now have two picture directories. See plants for swimming pool landscapes to access hundreds of pool landscaping pictures in our old directory. Then take a look at pictures of swimming pools which is a newer directory of several hundred pictures.

There are also a few of our own pool landscaping projects that are worth taking a look at for ideas. Still one of my favorite designs that I've created can be found at Brick Patio Pool design Idea. It's a great design idea where we used over seven thousand bricks to connect all landscaping areas around the swimming area.

One of my most interesting landscape and garden design plans is a poolscape of a different sort. We actually filled the pool in and created a neat sunken garden patio. You can get the details of this design at Sunken Garden Patio Idea. As with all the designs on this site, there are specifics and details of how the design was created.

As time permits I'll be adding more pool landscaping resources to the site. Until then I think you'll find plenty to look at for ideas for landscaping around your pool.