Curved Flagstone Front Lawn Path

Curved Flagstone Front Lawn Path

Southwest style front yard designs with flagstone paths

This is just beyond where the two entry ways meet. As you can see in southwest design 4, this direction leads away from the front door and makes a path all the way around the yard in a complete full circle.

Small gardens or large landscapes, any way you look at it, walkways and paths create interest in design. They create a way to stroll through and enjoy the entire garden. They also add another element, create shape that can be designed with, and among other things, they create borders and definition.

Generally, a design like this would be created in the backyard and not the front. While this front yard is designed for entry and access, it's also set up for living in and entertaining. Most front yards are set up for curb appeal and access to the home. Other than porch swings, front yard landscapes very rarely have sitting or play areas a distance from the home.