Southwest Front Gate Flagstone Walkway

Southwest Front Gate Flagstone Walkway

This is where the two existing entryways in this front yard meet as shown in southwest landscape ideas plan 4 in the landscape ideas gallery.

When I was designing this landscape I pictured it more as a giant courtyard than I did as a front yard. Even though the walls aren't very high they still surround the yard completely which gives it that closed in feel of a courtyard. So in my planting scheme I used more tall vertical plants than small plants to help break up the long blank expanse.

In this specific spot it was only natural to have the two entryways meet. I didn't necessarily have to plan the landscaping where the entire walkway was the same element. It would have looked fine with two contrasting walkway elements meeting in this area. It may have looked even better. However, since there were different "rooms" with different elements in this design, I wanted the continuity and unity of this one element to tie the whole design together.

As in most landscaping and design plans, I used the plants in groups on the inside of the curves. It's a natural spot for plants and it helps to soften or hide any hard corners.