Circular Driveway Designs

While parking is always a main consideration in landscaping and especially front yards, a standard driveway may not fit the property and...

While parking is always a main consideration in landscaping and especially front yards, a standard driveway may not fit the property and so a circular driveway design may be just what is needed.

Of course, the size of your property and your personal needs will help determine the width of your driveway. However, it's always a good idea think ahead and possibly allow extra width for guest parking or when the mail man needs to deliver a package.

The materials you'll use are often influenced a great deal by budget as much as by preference. Obviously, a gravel driveway will be less expensive that pavers or bricks. And also, a regular concrete driveway will be less expensive than one made from decorative concrete.

The design above is one of our own projects dealing with a circular driveway in a difficult situation on a sloped yard. While it may not seem so, getting this much parking area in this short of a lot, this type of layout is basically the only way to get it done.

Here are some links to sites with some creative driveway design pictures and ideas. You're sure to find some that you can use or mix and match.

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Other Decorative, Landscaping, and Design Considerations

  1. Create a circular or courtyard design that stands out near the front door to make the area look like a courtyard entry into the home.
  2. Edge the driveway with pavers, creating a border, or a soldier row even if the rest of the drive is concrete or asphalt. If your home is brick or stone, you might consider using the same materials on your home to edge your driveway.

Cutout and Turn Around Parking Driveway Idea

Another good parking option for limited space or multiple vehicles are cutout designs like the example below. Where a circular driveway works well when there is enough space on the front side of a home, a cutout like this can be used on the side of a home with limited parking space.

As with circular driveway designs, being able to park and drive away without having to back all the way out is so convenient. The front turnaround parking in this example allows for quick convenient daytime parking and guest parking. The cutout in this design idea at the back end of the garage allows to pull out of the garage and drive away forward instead of backing all the way out.