Front Yard Entry Fountain Garden

Front Yard Entry Fountain Garden

This small fountain garden is a great idea for adding interest, invitation, and curb appeal to the front entry of a home.

While large fountains, waterfalls, and ponds generally find their way into backyard landscapes where they can be enjoyed by the residents, this small fountain adds interest by adding a nice Southwest element to the raised garden bed. It creates the elements of sound and motion as well as visual appeal.

Raised gardens, planters, and additional levels in general, most always add interest to otherwise flat landscapes and yards. Still, alone and without any meaningful plantings or other interesting design elements, they can often just accent the lifelessness of a garden or yard by just adding another dull element. So adding this fountain to this front entry garden created by Jon Tencza of Arid Oasis Landscapes in Chandler, Arizona is a very creative way to add life and interest to the front entry of this home.

The concrete retaining wall block design makes this project do-able from a do it yourself stand point. Still, it would take some planning, thought, and skill to make it look and work the way it does. And while the retaining wall may seem a simple task, it's what's behind the scenes that matters. The fountain has pump, reservoir, and mechanics to make it function. And the plants need an automated watering system.

Again, fountains, ponds, and waterfalls are generally created in backyard landscaping to create atmosphere in the place where folks spend most of their time. However, this small front entry fountain and garden most surely have a place and serve great purpose in adding interest to this front yard landscaping and entry to this home.