Creative Garden Decor

Choosing garden decor that's not only appealing but also says something about you is a great way to add your own personal signature to ...

Ideas and tips for choosing and how to make decor and decorations for gardens and landscape

Choosing garden decor that's not only appealing but also says something about you is a great way to add your own personal signature to your landscape or garden designs. Here are some helpful "guidlines" in choosing and using ornaments that will help you to create a better design and more unity in your garden.

For some great inspirations and examples, see our directory at Garden Decor And Decorating Ideas which has lots of pictures of garden decor and decorations that you can make yourself from common items found around the home, at flea markets, antique shops, or garage sales.

  • Not everything has to be bought and/or brand new. Take a look around. Things like old milk cans, cow bells or farm tools make great and interesting displays. Are you into antiques, modern art, or anything? Be creative. There are probably things lying around your house right now that would go great in your garden.
  • Although I probably don't have to say this one, I will anyway. Choose decor that you can relate to and associate with. Try and find things that remind you of when you were a kid or things that remind you of a special person, pet, or that express your passion about something.
  • Choose garden ornaments and garden decor to fit the feel of different areas of your garden. For example: a frog perched on a rock is perfect for your pond, a butterfly or hummingbird stake is perfect for a cutting garden, or a magnificent white statue at the end of a path in your rose garden makes a perfect focal point.
  • And of course there are literally thousands of other decor items such as weather vanes, gazing globes, sundials, wind chimes, stepping stones, furniture, birdbaths, tapestries, wall plaques. The list goes on and on as the items that can be placed throughout your garden to create certain moods and accents.


  • Try not to put too many things in the same place or at least not where you'll see everything all at the same time. This can make your garden seem cluttered or busy. Spread your garden ornaments out into different areas of the garden to where your guests will find little surprises around every corner. This will make your design more interesting and natural.
  • Placing two of the same object such as pots or statues on opposite ends of a path is a great way of adding depth and defining the length of the path. Make sure that the objects are visible from each other so that they create a display together.
  • Large sculptures placed at the end of a path tend to draw people on to the end and create a pleasing focal point. Remember that white statues or practically anything white create a focal point that draws the eye to itself.
  • Don't forget that walls and fences make great places to display garden decor. Sun dials, sun faces, plaques, and anything color can be used to break up a long, dull, lifeless span of fence or wall.
  • Ponds and water features almost always have to have some form of decoration around them to accent them. This one should be easy to figure out.

These are just a few examples of ways you can successfully use garden ornaments. We've barely touched the surface. The key to an imaginative garden using garden decor is to simply have a little imagination and a good selection to choose from.

Try browsing some of the larger garden decor sites to get some ideas. Use your imagination and picture different pieces placed differently throughout your garden.