Going Green Gardening Advice Ideas

Considering my line of work, it’s hard to admit that I haven’t quite caught on to the going green ideas of a sustainable living lifestyle...

Considering my line of work, it’s hard to admit that I haven’t quite caught on to the going green ideas of a sustainable living lifestyle. Too busy or simply just not concerned enough to be environmentally responsible? Oh, I don’t know. Still, I don’t think anyone has a valid excuse for not doing their part to preserve and restore this world. So…better late than never…I always say.

Now, I’m not completely out of the loop. I’ve prepared a lot of landscaping designs, ideas, and consultations for clients that focus on sustainability, preserving natural resources, and xeriscaping practices. And while I may be doing a small part, still it’s just a fraction of how we can apply green living to almost every aspect of our lives. And the more I look into it, the bigger it gets. I’m fascinated with some of the ideas. Yes, living green and environmentally responsible goes way beyond simply hanging your clothes out to dry and keeping the windows in your car rolled up for better gas mileage.

Green Gardening And Landscaping

What exactly does that mean? Green landscaping and gardening? I know some folks are sayin’ “Isn’t all gardening…”. Maybe we just need a definition of sustainability and “green”. My own first thought was 100% organic and it’s even beyond that.

While going green applies to all areas of our lives, I thought I would keep this post within the realm of sustainable and green gardening and landscaping. There’s simply too much concerning environmental responsibility to fit into one category. There will be plenty of ideas for me to write about next week.

In my own quest to be informed, and after sifting through a few thousand blogs on the subject, I’ve saved back a few that are really exceptional. These blogs are captivating and entertaining as well as informative. You’re gonna want to bookmark ‘em.

Green Gardenista
This is actually the first one I found worth reading. I spent quite a bit of time here.

Sustainable Gardening
I think these folks have braggin’ rights to to their name.

Gardening Nude
While the name of this blog might get you there, the content and information will keep you there.

Earth Wise Life Wise
A little more than landscaping and gardening. This site will get you thinking in a lot of different directions.

This should keep you reading for a while. Like I said, there’s a lot more about living a green environmentally responsible lifestyle than gardening and landscaping. And at least for the next few weeks we’ll explore this as well as topics like renewable energy and things inside the home. I’m looking forward to learning, practicing and writing more about it.