Japanese Garden Stream Ideas

Japanese Garden Stream Ideas

Ideas and designs for streams and ponds in Japanese gardens and landscapes

Besides plants and plant types, decor is often the element that makes the themes for different gardens and landscapes. This Japanese garden and stream is no exception. Besides a few of the plants, the main reason that I would call this a Japanese garden is because of the Japanese concrete fountain in the center of the stream.

Just as with this Japanese garden, if you're creating a garden, landscape, stream, or pond with a theme, the type of decor will have a huge influence in how it follows the theme. For instance, if you change the concrete lantern with a piece of Southwest decor, it could change the theme of the garden regardless of the type of plants. Of course, changing the type of plants would take it that much further.

As far as getting some good ideas for creating a stream or pond for your garden or landscape, this one has a lot to offer as far as shape, planting ideas, and natural looking placement of boulders, rocks, and surrounding landscaping. Add a few Koi fish to the water and this Japanese garden stream would be unmistakeably Japanese.