Front Door Entry Patio Garden

Front Door Entry Patio Garden

Planting And Paving Tips And Ideas For A Small Front Door Patio

This small entry patio landscape design was created for an empty unused area by a front door. The goal of this design was to create a quiet private evening sitting area in the front yard with a lot of thick plants to create a screen for privacy.

We were able to make this small garden seem somewhat larger using a network of curves. It was so simple to plan and draw by simply connecting or using parallel curves. Curves can sometimes give the illusion of expanded space. Find out more about illusions and small spaces at small gardens.

The three planting areas are all connected using groups of Blue Salvia (purple). As you can see, the rest of the design has no consistency and no intentional group plantings of 3's, 5's, 7's, etc.

The yellow plantings (coreopsis) are secondary to the design and accent the purple. The area is then screened in from the street using Youpon Holly.

This small front entry garden design also gets interest from a lot of different textures used. The patio area is brick, the walk area is natural stone and pea gravel, the pond is natural stone, and the rest of the area is a contrasting crushed rock. Of course, all areas are under lain with professional weed barrier to help insure a weed free environment.