Moss Rock And Garden Statues

Moss Rock And Garden Statues

How To Make Your Own Moss Landscape Rock and Garden Statues

Moss can make some garden elements and even entire gardens look and feel aged and established. Trouble is that sometimes it may not even grow on its own. And if it does, it could take a very long time.

Here's a way you can accelerate and help establish a beautiful green carpet over your garden rocks and concrete features. This doesn't work well on resin statues and artificial landscape rocks

  • Stir a fist size clump of porcelain clay into 3 cups of water to form a thin paste.
  • Then combine the clay mixture with one cup of undiluted fish emulsion and one cup of fresh, shredded moss.
  • Mix together and paint it on your rocks and concrete objects with a paint brush.

Remember that moss grows naturally in patches, likes the North side of objects, and takes readily to cracks and crevices.

Use this formula in shady and moist locations and you can most probably have moss on your garden statues and landscape rocks in a few weeks.