Pre Planned Garden Designs

Pre Planned Garden Designs

Pre-Planned Garden Designs - Plant selection is generally where most folks have a lot of trouble planning and designing a new garden or landscape. Most of the emails I get involving design are related to planting schemes and plant selection.

And while I do provide some pretty good guidelines on my plant selection page, it sometimes is still too complicated or more trouble than most folks want to deal with.

So, You Want A Ready Made Garden Plan
That Is Designed Just For You?

Most times, the point in doing your landscaping yourself is to save money, right? And hiring me or any other designer to create your planting scheme is going to cost you more than you want to spend. So I came up with a different, less expensive way of helping you get it done.

As a simpler method of plant selection, ready made planting schemes and pre planned garden designs have rescued several of my clients from the frustration of not knowing which plants will work best in their new landscaping. Some do their entire landscape with pre planned gardens and some just need them for one or more schemes. Either way, the results are always beautiful and very professional looking.

As a professional designer, I initially had doubts about using or recommending such a method for landscaping. However, after a closer look, I found that the plans I recommend are designed by professionals. And even further, the feedback I get from clients and visitors to this site is all positive.

  • The cost is minimal
  • Step by step instructions make it simple
  • Plants are included
  • The results are very professional looking
  • The Planting schemes are well balanced
  • Schemes are regionalized for your area

While I've researched and used several of the online garden plan distributors, there are only a few that seem truly dedicated and completely professional. Click on the following links to see how they can simplify your plant selection process.