Small Square Backyard Garden

Small Square Backyard Garden

This is what we had to start with. It's typical of most pre-designed small gardens and landscapes. With its simplicity, squareness, and existing elements, it's difficult to get a vision of what this could become.

If you've followed me for any time you've probably heard me talk of first designing around what's necessary. What I mean by necessary are elements such as walk ways, wind breaks, parking, play areas, etc.

What the client conveyed to me in this project as necessary is the basis and starting point of the design. The necessities would be to connect the back door, gate to outback, and the deck with a path. And also to create some shape and flow.

Now that seems simple enough and most of us can actually envision a simple walk path connecting these points. But what about a touch of class?

Before we go, try and keep all the Principles Of Landscape Design in mind. Especially, at this point, simplicity.