Tuscan Italian Gardens

Tuscan Italian Gardens

Planting ideas and designs for landscaping Tuscan yards and gardens

I must admit that I know very little about the Tuscan Garden style. While I have studied it a bit, I've yet to have the opportunity to create one.

Since this is basically Italian design style, the decor, elements, and structures generally seem to follow an Italian / Mediterranean decorating theme. The gardens almost always exhibit some form of statuary or fountain. And especially wall fountains which give an older aged feel.

Old Terra Cotta planters, vase shaped planters, and broken pots laying amongst beds will also give an old Tuscan Feel. The plants you use, however, are one of your main keys to getting the right feel. Use plants from the Mediterranean and italian region and things should come together nicely.

Finding garden specific information on Tuscany was a little tough. The pictures in this category are mostly of Villas and rentals. However, they'll still give you a good idea of what Tuscan style is and placement of decor and other structures.