Garden Walkway Ideas

Garden Walkway Ideas

More pictures and ideas for garden walkways and paths.

In garden and landscape design, paths and walkways are generally for access to, through, or from one area to another. And while destination is usually the idea for any path or walkway, it doesn't always have to be the case for a design.

Most of the pictures in this gallery show landscapes where the walkway does have purpose of destination. However, keep in mind that a pathways purpose can simply be to add atmosphere, take up space, be a border of a flower bed, or any number of reasons. Creative garden design is only limited to your imagination.

Other than a surface to walk on, a garden path or walkway can be used as a design element to create atmosphere and certain design effects.

You'll notice that most of the pathways in these photos have curves at some point and to some extent. In most cases, curves add character and a sense of more distance and travel. Even though a curved path is the same distance as a straight walkway, the mind sees it as what it is. A longer distance in travel. And therefor curves generally give the illusion of more space when applied to landscaping and garden ideas and plans.