Hardscaping Materials Ideas

Hardscaping Materials Ideas

Hardscaping defined. Ideas and tips for choosing and using the right hardscape materials in your landscaping. What are the best materials to use and ideas for how to apply them. Stone steps, retaining walls, flagstone, stairs, boulders, and garden paths are all examples of hardscaping shown here.

Some real good ideas, tips, and things to consider when choosing the hardscaping materials for your yard and garden. For example, when designing a path, comfort, sound, permanence, and maintenance are all considerations that probably never cross most folks minds when they're designing their landscaping and yards.

Other things to consider when planning your hardscaping such as walls, paths, patios, seating, waterfalls, ponds, and other elements is color and texture. With most elements there is usually the option for either man made or natural materials. For instance, retaining walls can be built out of either natural stone or a practically endless selection of fabricated concrete blocks and bricks.

Among other things, there is also shape and pattern to keep in mind. This is important to the atmosphere and personality of the yard and landscaping. Perfectly cut square or other pattern materials will give a more refined and defined feel where random cuts and shapes of hardscaping materials will give a less refined and detailed atmosphere to the garden.