Alabama Native Plants

Alabama Native Plants

Alabama Wildflower Society - The purpose of our organization is to enjoy the fellowship of shared interest in native plants and to promote the knowledge, appreciation, and use of native plants. We strive to preserve areas of significant interest because of their native flora. Here, you will find many resources to assist any of your landscaping or garden projects, including information about events hosted by this organization, links to plant photos, and a flowering times database.

Alabama Plants - The goal of this website is to provide the user with the necessary information to identify plants found growing wild within the political boundaries of the state of Alabama, USA. Some commonly cultivated plants are also included as they can often be found growing near old homesites and appear wild. With a database broken-down into categories of flower color, leaf patterns, and plant types, you can find many landscaping pictures showcasing a large variety of native plants found in Alabama along with useful information about them.

Wildflowers of Alabama - Few states have the diversity and variety of wildflowers as are found in Alabama. This website has been created to share their beauty, and to promote the knowledge, appreciation, and use of native plants. To this end, you will find a database of Alabama wildflowers here. Whether you are looking into doing a large landscape project or just want to create a small garden of your own, the pictures and descriptions of wildflowers found here are sure to assist you in your undertaking.

North Alabama Wildflowers - This site contains descriptions and photos of most common native and naturalized flowering plants found in North Alabama and surrounding regions. The plants included in this database are easily searchable by the time that they bloom, from early spring to fall. Within individual pages, you'll find a small description of the plant along with some other helpful facts.

Alabama Native Plants of the Ecoscape - On this site, you will find information on a garden project involving the xeriscaping of native plants to the state of Alabama. This page offers a small descrption of the plants used, a few facts about them, and pictures of the plants in their garden habitat.