Alaska Native Plants

Alaska Native Plants

Alaska Native Plant Society - The Alaska Native Plant Society (ANPS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to studying and conserving Alaska native plants. Through a variety of programs and online resources, this organization offers a wide range of home landscaping ideas to help any individual develop a beautiful garden or landscape using Alaska's native plants.

Some Observations of a Wanderer: Alaska Wildflowers - This site offers a look at the native plants of Alaska in their natural environment. You will find a large collection of photographs featuring Alaskan landscaping, showcasing many plants that could be used, potentially, in your own landscape design.

Top Ten Native Plants for Alaska - Created by the National Wildlife Federation, this page offers a look at some of the best plants for use in an Alaskan xeriscaping project. Each plant featured has a picture along with a short description and a link to an individual page where you will find much more detailed information about the plant in question.

Alaskan Wildflowers - On this site, you will find a large number of pictures featuring Alaskan wildflowers. They are seperated into categories based on the primary color of the flowers shown.

Native Alaskan and Exotic Plants Used by Wildlife - Brought to you by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, this site offers a quick and easy look at a variety of plants that can not only add a natural beauty to your landscape or small garden, but can also help the local wildlife. The plants here are shown in a simple chart for easy comparison, with data such as height, tolerance, and soil moisture requirements shown.