Georgia Native Plants

Georgia Native Plants

Georgia Native Plant Society - The goal of this society is to promote the stewardship and conservation of Georgia's native plants and their habitats through education and with the involvement of individuals and organizations. In order to accomplish this, they offer a wide range of programs and resources to help individuals with all their landscaping or small garden projects.

A Rescuer's Guide to Georgia Native Plants - This site was created to help people identify and rescue plants from areas that are soon to undergo some form of development which would otherwise destroy the native plant populations present. Each month, a new photo album is uploaded to help in the identification of the plants that are blooming during that month.

Georgia Botanical Society - The Georgia Botanical Society is dedicated to the study and preservation of Georgia's wild, native, rare and endangered wildflowers and plant life. To help achieve this goal, the society offers a number of programs and resources to individuals interested in Georgia's wildflowers.

Georgia Wildflowers - On this site, you will find links to garden style pictures featuring a variety of wildflowers found throughout the state of Georgia. You can browse these photos by the family they are in or by individual species.