Kentucky Native Plants

Kentucky Native Plants

Kentucky Native Plant Society - The Kentucky Native Plant Society was founded in 1986 for everyone interested in the native plants and wildflowers of Kentucky. Offering a number of programs, events, and resources, this site is sure to help you develop some wonderful landscaping ideas of your own.

Kentucky Wildflowers - On this site, you'll find a substantial collection of photos featuring the wildflowers of Kentucky in their natural environment. These pictures are sorted by color, season of bloom, and scientific name to make finding the wildflowers you want to see as easy as possible.

Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission: Rare Plants Database - The Rare Plant Database provides information on Endangered, Threatened and Species of Concern Plants monitored by KSNPC. If you are interested in creating a xeriscaping project of your own, the information found here may be of particular interest to you.

Common Plant Species of Kentucky - This site features a list of common plants found in Kentucky. By clicking on one of the plants listed, you'll be taken to a page containing photos showing off the landscaping features of the plants in question.