Louisiana Native Plants

Louisiana Native Plants

Louisiana Native Plant Society - This is the website for the official Louisiana Native Plant Society. They offer a variety of events, programs, links, and other resources to help you develop home landscaping ideas of your own using the native plants of Louisiana.

Wildflowers of Southwest (Beauregard Parish) Louisiana - Here, you will find a list of native plants, with common and scientific names included, as well as some traditional uses for a number of the plants. At the bottom of the page is a link to the directory of photos showcasing the wildflowers of Louisiana.

Folsom Native Plant Society - The purpose of this society is to protect, perpetuate, and propagate the abundant native plants of Northwest St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, and adjacent areas, focusing primarily on the native wildflowers and encouraging xeriscaping in the southern regions of Louisiana.

The Herbarium of Louisiana State University (LSU) - This site, maintained by LSU, offers a large number of resources to help with your landscaping garden designs. On top of more general information and links to other helpful sites, you'll find a substantial specimen database and image gallery featuring many plants found throughout the state of Louisiana.