Maryland Native Plants

Maryland Native Plants

Maryland Native Plant Society - The Maryland Native Plant Society uses education, research, and community service to increase awareness and appreciation of native plants and their habitats, leading to their conservation and restoration. On their site, you'll find many landscaping resources, including a plant gallery, publications, and information about events sponsored by the society.

Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping in Maryland - Here, you will find information to help you develop garden landscaping ideas involving native plants for the purpose of conservation and creating wildlife habitats. You'll find plenty of general information written in an easy to understand way to help you with your own projects.

USDA Plants Database: Maryland - The USDA Plants database offers a large collection landscape pictures and information about plants native to the state of Maryland. On individual pages, you'll find specific info concerning whatever plants you might be interested in.

Maryland Native Plants: Plat Lists for MD Regions - On this page, you'll find links to plant lists showing what native plants do best in each of Marylands three main land regions: the Mountain Region, the Piedmont Region, and the Coastal Plain Region. The lists are broken down by plant type and offer a number of facts, including flower colors, sunlight requirements, and what soil moisture the plants need. This information is sure to help you with any xeriscaping project you might be interested in pursuing.