Massachusetts Native Plants

Massachusetts Native Plants

USDA Plants Database: Massachusetts - Here, you'll find a searchable database of plants native to Massachusetts. The individual pages include detailed information to help you with whatever project you are trying to complete, whether you are just creating a small garden or working on a full-house landscape.

Appropriate Landscaping to Conserve Water - This PDF document explains how you can help conserve water in your Massachusetts-based landscape. You'll find some general information along with a list of plants, seperated by type, that work well in a water-wise landscape.

Massachusetts Wildflowers - On this site, you'll find a large collection of landscaping photos featuring wildflowers found throughout the state of Massachusetts. Along with the photos is a short description of the plant to help you in identifying the plants and deciding if you would like to include them in your own landscaping projects.

Xeriscape Landscaping: Preventing Pollution and Using Resources Efficiently - This is another PDF document to help you create your own xeriscaping project. Like the previous PDF file listed here, it describes the process of xeriscaping, but in further detail. A particularly interesting part of this document is the description of several sucessful xeriscaping projects along with landscape designs illustrating the xeriscaping process.

New England Wild Flower Society - The official New England Wild Flower Society offers a wide variety of programs and resources to help you develop your own landscaping ideas using the native plants of the area.