Michigan Native Plants

Michigan Native Plants

Michigan Botanical Club - This is the official native plant society for the state of Michigan. On this site, you'll find information about chapter meetings, society sponsored field trips, information about Michigan's native plants, and other resources to help you with all your landscaping and xeriscaping projects.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources: Plant Species - This site includes a list of a large number of native plants, seperated by plant type. On the individual pages is information about the plant, such as a small description of the plant, their habitat, and growth habits.

Michigan Wildflowers - As the title of this site suggests, it contains a large database of design pictures showcasing the native wildflowers of Michigan. Each plant page includes several different pictures of the flower. At the bottom of this page, you will also find links to other resources to help you grow your own native wildflowers.

Michigan Native Plant Producers Association - This site was created by an association of 10 seperate nurseries based in southern Michigan. It provides information about plants and seeds of Michigan native plants that can be purchased from these nurseries. Whether you are building a whole new landscape or just want to create some small gardens, you're sure to find some good resources to help your project along.

Wildflower Association of Michigan - This is the homepage of a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging "the preservation and restoration of Michigan's native plants and native plant communities." To this end, the site offers a number of resources for anyone who is interested in native plants, including tips on landscaping with natives, sources for native plants, and a plant library.