Mississippi Native Plants

Mississippi Native Plants

East Central Mississippi Native Plant Society - This is the official site of the East Central chapter of the Mississippi Native Plant Society. They offer a number of resources, including an image gallery, to help those who are interested in native plants develop their own landscaping projects.

MSU Cares - Created by Mississippi State University, this site provides several resources to those wanting to create their own small gardens or landscapes. These resources include such things as information on easy groundcovers as well as lists of native shrubs and trees that work well in Mississippi landscapes.

Mississippi Wildflowers - On this site you'll find several pictures featuring wildflowers found throughout the state of Mississippi. The individual flower pages contain detailed descriptions of the plants to help you identify them and decide if they are appropriate for your own projects.

Wildflowers for Mississippi Meadows and Gardens - While this site doesn't provide any pictures of the wildflowers in question, it does have plenty of information to help you create your own garden or meadow, including site selection advice, weed control tips, and, toward the bottom, a several lists of wildflowers that tend to do well in different situations.