Growing Plants DIY

Growing Plants DIY

How To Grow Your Own Landscaping AndGarden Plants At Home

Generally, most do it yourself and professional landscaping relies on nursery grown seed stock, stem cuttings, and plants. However, there are some that are set on growing their own. While it may take a little longer to get a mature landscape, starting is very easy to do at home with a little practice, patients, and a few simple instructions.

While I do have two greenhouses and know how to grow a lot of my own plants, I'm certainly no expert on growing. However, I or you don't need to be.

There is enough free information on propagation available that most people should never need to purchase a book or videos series on growing your own plants. Almost every major university and County Extension Service has several pages online contributing to different techniques like layering, division, grafting, air layering, cuttings, tissue culture, cloning, and from seed.


Layering is a propagating technique using a single parent plant to produce "clones" from that parent while still attached to the parent. It is a good method to use when only a few specimens are needed.

Air Layering

For Difficult To Root Plants Air Layer


Division is a simple propagating method that works well on many plants including bulbs, corms, tubers, rhizomes, stolons, and with clumping growth habits.

Growing By Division
For Water Species
Dividing Perennials


This is one of the more difficult methods of plant propagating but is also one of the most rewarding. Advanced and adventurous home gardeners may even want to create new species out of two or more different species.

How To By Grafting
Specific Methods For Fruit Trees And Ornamental Plants
Woody And Ornamentals


Taking cuttings is one of the most widely practiced methods of home garden enthusiasts.

Growing Plants By Stem Cuttings
Cutting Propagating Of Roses

Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture in Home Kitchen

From Seed

This the most widely practiced method for planting, collecting, and sharing plants. Unlike other techniques of production, collected and wild seeds are likely to be cross pollinated which can result in offspring that is not true to type of the parent plant. However, to most home gardeners, this isn't an issue. It's still a lot of fun to grow and share our own harvest.

Growing Plants From Seed
Roses From Seed

In General

The following links are non-specific and cover one, several, or all methods of reproducing plants. You should be left with little question on how to propagate species from your own garden and specimens.