Close Up Of The Native Thorn Tree

Close Up Of The Native Thorn Tree

While this picture isn't of what I would necessarily call a landscaping or garden plant, I thought it was interesting enough to show it. I've heard it called several different names but still am not sure what it is.

Even though it's not an ideal plant for most gardens or landscapes, it seems to go quite well in this southwest design idea. It was already here when we created the plan so we just designed around it as it is a native plant and actually tied the landscape into the natural surroundings. More on this below...

We only put one 2 gph emitter on this plant as it won't need much water. If you're using native plants in xeriscaping (low water use landscaping), or any landscaping for that matter, it's good practice to adjust the watering to the plants natural surroundings. This plant is all desert so it won't need much.

This is the only established natural occurring garden plant in the design. There were a few other cactus that we added to the plan. However, they had to be brought in from the surrounding desert or nearest nursery.