Tennessee Native Plants

Tennessee Native Plants

Tennessee Native Plant Society - This is the official native plant society for Tennessee. Here, you will find information to help you with all your small garden and landscaping needs, including field trip schedules, native plant photos, and information on how you can join the society.

Tennessee Valley Authority: Native Plant Search - "More than 140 plants native to the Tennessee Valley are featured on this site. It includes photographs and details about height, light preference, bloom time, and more. This list will expand as more native plants become available through commercial markets." You can search this database by browsing the plants included, searching for a specific name, or by searching for distinct characteristics.

Landscaping with Native Plants - Created by the Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council, this site provides helpful information to help you with any landscaping or xeriscaping project in the East, West, or Middle parts of Tennessee. For each region, specific information about landscaping with native plants is presented, including plants recommended for each area.

East Tennessee Wildflowers - This site contains a wide variety of resources for those interested in the wildflowers of Tennessee. You can find a database of wildflowers, listed by scientific or common names, various galleries, hiking information, and even resources for teachers who want to help their students appreciate the natural beauty of the Tennessee wildflowers.