Texas Native Plants

Texas Native Plants

Native Plant Society of Texas - A non-profit organzation that promotes conservation, research and utilization of native plants and plant habitats of Texas through education, outreach and example. This group offers a variety of events and resources to help individuals discover new ways of landscaping and gardening.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center - This site offers a searchable database of Texas native plants. Within individual plant pages, you will find a variety of information, such as growing conditions, plant characteristics, and bloom data. On top of this, the site also offers a large number of pictures showing each plant as it appears in nature.

Aggie Horticulture: Xeriscape - In the document entitled " Landscape Water Conservation... Xeriscape," it is shown how, exactly, any individual can go about saving water while beautifying their landscape by the simple process of xeriscaping. From planning and design to appropriate maintenance, this site covers it all with simple step-by-step instructions that can help anyone create a wonderful xeriscape of their own.

USDA Plants Database - The USDA Plants Database offers a searchable database of plants native to the state of Texas. You will find long lists of plants in alphabetical order by their scientific or common names, as well as individual plant pages with a wide range of data about whatever plant you decide to look up. In this database, you'll find pleanty of information to help you will all the large or small garden projects you choose to pursue.

Aggie Horticulture: Texas Native Trees - On this site, you will find a large list of trees native to Texas. When you find one you are interested in knowing more about, you can enter the individual tree's page and discover a number of interesting facts about the tree, including the tree's blooming period, its possible height and width, and its water requirements. With this information, anyone trying to come up with good landscaping ideas plans will be able to know exactly what kind of results to expect from each tree as well was what kind of maintenance will be required.

Roadside Use of Native Plants/Plant and Resource Lists - This site, created by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, presents a simple list of native plant species found within Texas. Broken up by plant types, such as grasses, cacti, and vines, it is a perfect resource to find-out what plants are native to the region as well as learn the names of plant species considered endangered by the federal government. In addition to this, at the end of the page, you will find contact information for a variety of state-based resources available to assist you in gathering further native plant information.

Texas Parks and Wildlife: Texas Plant Information Database - Developed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, this site offers users a searchable Texas native plant database. With this database, visitors to the site can look up plants by their scientific or common name as well as by usage information, such as the ecological region the plant is typically found in. This site is sure to be useful for anyone looking for more facts about plants found in Texas.