Utah Native Plants

Utah Native Plants

Utah Native Plant Society - The Utah Native Plant Society is dedicated to the appreciation, preservation, conservation and responsible use of the native plant and plant communities found in the state of Utah and the Intermountain West. On their website, you'll find plenty of help in developing your own garden landscaping ideas, through informative programs, a native and rare plant database, and many other resources.

Utah Native Plants - This site provides information on plants for low water use landscapes. To this end, you'll find a list of plants, broken down by the plant types of grasses, perennials, and shrubs and trees, that have individual pages detailing the landscaping information you'll need to grow them sucessfully.

Intermountain Native Plant Growers Association - The INPGA is dedicated to helping you learn how to use the wonderful diversity of Intermountain native plants in your home landscape. This site contains a variety of resources to help you with your own large landscape or small garden needs, such as a native plant photo album, information about existing native plant gardens you can visit, and a list of places that provide plants and services to help you complete your landscaping project.

Principles of Xeriscape Design - Xeriscape and waterwise gardens are a good idea for Utahs desert climate. A good xeriscape garden is not zero-scape; it is a beautiful garden filled with color, scent, and variety. Those interested in pursuing a xeriscaping project of their own should definately check out this site for useful tips.

Utah Wildflowers - The purpose of this web page is to display photographs of Utah Wildflowers and provide some additional information about the flowers. The flowers are organized into their respective families and listed toward the bottom of the page. Within individual pages, you will find several wonderful garden design pictures detailing the native plants within that wildflower family.